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SSENSE Cyber Monday Shopping Guide Fall '21

Hey, all! What do you say we take a break from interiors for a minute and talk fashion? After all, it’s the best time of the fashion year, the SSENSE fall sale! Check out my picks below! I’m kind of feeling a return to muted colors, clean lines, and chic silhouettes lately, how about you? It’s no coincidence in my mind that Phoebe Philo is set to mount a comeback soon! I’ve also still really been feeling looser silhouettes and ‘textural’ color treatments like tie-dye, acid wash, and fades. What do you think?



Here’s a gratuitous pic of me in some of the shopping guide items! And in case you wanted more, check out some of the outtakes (and more outfits) on my new Instagram account @harryyoungdesign!


Shop the Guide!


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