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Tanglewood Primary Bedroom Pt. 1

Hey all, let’s talk about the primary bedroom situation. So, if you’ve been following along you know that the footprint of this bedroom isn’t huge—essentially it’s a closed-in single-car carport. When we got the place, it was being used as a mudroom and also housed a closet with a water heater and some weird built-in shelving.

But after seeing the room, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. I was kind of inspired by the tiny NYC hotel rooms I’ve stayed in over the years, particularly the ones at 11 Howard in SoHo. Their Scandi chic approach felt like the right way to maximize design in a small space:

I was particularly drawn to the dramatic drapery—though the rooms are small they have some height, and emphasizing height (if you have it!) is a great way to make a small room feel less closed-in. Luckily, when they closed the carport at Tanglewood they basically continued the vaulted ceiling of the living space into the bedroom, so we were blessed with 9.5-11.5’ ceilings!

So there was the inspiration: dramatic drapery, tonal color palette, and simple Scandi-inspired furniture. Once again, I wasn’t yet in the habit of making mood boards before actually buying furniture (or making any decisions, really), and I saw that lead times were starting to get absurdly long, so I just kinda went ahead and ordered all the furniture and had the curtains made for the bedroom with no mock-ups or any kind of visual aid in the span of about two days. Don’t try this at home!

Since I’m retroactively blogging about this, though, I’m going to share the mood board I SHOULD HAVE made below:

I’m going to make a whole other post about the color selection process for the whole interior and exterior of the entire house, but the short of it is I took the 11 Howard inspiration and decided to go way more dramatic with the color and went just a little more in the ‘organic modern’ direction, jumping off from the look of the living room, by incorporating some natural stone and curved lines with the sconces.

As of this post, I am STILL waiting for my bed (besides the console, which finally arrived just a couple of weeks ago), despite ordering it in MARCH. It was also around that time that I became a little obsessed with Allied Maker and just HAD to use something of theirs in the house, so that’s how we arrived at the light fixture. Were I to have chosen it today, I probably would have gone a bit less matchy-matchy with the black sconces, but I’ll live with it for now. Finally, the art here is the actual Ellie Davies print I found on 1stDibs and was instantly obsessed with. Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy about landscapes, and the whole forest imagery with the double-exposed watery texture over top of it was just too good to resist!

I’ll leave you with some progress pics of the wardrobe build-out and the console and TV that we accidentally mounted too high (oops). But anyway stay tuned, this space will probably be the first we wrap up after the furniture arrives right around the new year!

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